Death’s Cattle Car delayed…

Unfortunately several recent monetary setbacks have forced me to take more hours at my day job. This means that my anthological aspirations have momentarily been set to the back burner and will not be finished by Xmas. My sincerest apologies to any hopeful readers. You can, however, look forward to several new stories slowly oozing forth from this organic meatbag’s creative closet in the weeks and months to come, including the release of my first holiday story, Old Nick’s Imp, tomorrow the 23rd. 


Release announcement: Death’s Cattle Car anthology

You can look forward to several new stories in my Weird Supernatural Horror series in the upcoming months, culminating in the release of my first horror anthology: Death’s Cattle Car. This will intersperse my darkest bits of poetry between my death themed flash fiction. Besides collecting my already released works, you can expect such titles as: The Doughboy, Rain Shadow, and Sorrow of the Blackbird. I hope to have Death’s Cattle Car available for preorder before Christmas.

A little bit of backstory on A Halo Too Deep…

You know those nightmares that stay with you as you grow? The nightmare that inspired this story had that kind of influence on me. I’m not really sure what stimulated this horror. Fear of separation? Strangers? Abandonment? All I know is that I can still see that evil woman when I close my eyes, and it gives me that same knot in my guts to recall my being all alone in that lake.

I have styled the story as a cautionary tale but it begins where my dream began and ends where my dream ends. It was only much more recently in life that I drew any correlations to Greek Myth. Anyway, enough of this Freudian self diagnosis. Enjoy A Halo Too Deep free on Smashwords!